Letter Beach 24th August 2017 No waves, marks left on silent sands, white lines on grey. Solitary shells, scattered stones, forgotten pools and sediment of hardened time. A cargo on the tide, a journey to end in emptiness, where once rushing waters widen to calmly join the rhythm of the […]

Letter Beach, Co. Kerry

Sandymount Strand 23rd April 2017 In the shadow of modern incineration and noctalgic stripes of white and red, sad sands are naked, their salty cloak kept at bay. Life is on two legs and four, coming and going on black rubber wheels. Nike souls leave their stamps, as Goretex steps […]

Sandymount, Dublin

Carne Beach, Wexford 15th August 2016 Ridges tell the tale of ever changing tides, spiralled messages in code. Shallow pools, a sky story told. Ancient mammoths unmoved, tangled in dreams of black and green. Under wet blankets their stories are silent. Eternal Sleep. Ciaran Burke

Carne Beach