Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Adjectival Living

I woke up to see the most stunning sunrise
my best partner in the world was looking amazing
as I was so thankful for a wonderful breakfast
I was stunned by the beauty of the flower in my garden
horrified by a piece of litter unpicked by a negligent council
on the train I was shocked by the rudeness of this generation
appalled by the lack of their respect for older people
whom back in my day we valued so highly

I arrived in work drowned by a monsoon
at break with the best team ever we shared stories
and pissed ourselves, literally, laughing out loud
over the most fantastic cappuccinos made by
the most talented Barista but got annoyed when
a non-native minimum wage worker did not pronounce
Dearbhla's name correctly ruining our enjoyment
spoiling my morning leaving us devastated

At lunch I was so saddened by the terrible news
my heart was with those people and could feel their pain
we got enraged by the governments lack of response
prayed for the victims of this grave injustice
so ashamed by our society that I retweeted
but found solace in the good deed of my favourite actor
my faith in humanity was fully restored

By four pm I was absolutely shattered, totally exhausted
from the hardest day in my life as I counted the minutes
for wine o'clock and dreamt of Tapas in the best restaurant
that I know you would love and you really must go there
we had the best craic ever with the most amazeballs
work mates who I love for ever and absolutely adore
returning home exhausted to my most loving family
of talented children with the cutest faces
my sleeping angels, so thankful to God

But I could not sleep kept awake by the superlatives
that fill my joyous days and haunt my solitude of night
tomorrow I will be the living dead, a zombie,
wrecked, on deaths door, begging for caffeine
never being soooo tired, ready to crash on the floor.
Life is so so hard when lived to the adjectival extreme.

Ciaran Burke
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