Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Be Afraid of the Wolf

“He Tells It Like Is”

Be Afraid Of The Wolf

The words of the poet

Written with intelligence and love

Are words understood by few.

Stanzas and couplets 

Are hidden, meaning to be mined

From carved stone by determined minds.

Read in comfort of secured lives.

In the cold night

The lone wolf howls.

The angry calls are no words of truth

But raw emotion

Felt by the lonely hordes.

The anger call

Reaches more ears

Gathering to the vain cause,

From empty churches, the aging remains,

Roaming the rural lanes, hunting the minority.

They are frenzied,


They smell the blood to blame.

Readers of fine words will say

That there is nothing to fear,

Wolves do not live in our land.

But it is the empty howls that cause

Native blood to enrage

And words of the poet die without meaning.

Only when the words are spoken out loud,

Believed and enacted

Can the howls of the opportunist be drowned.

– Ciaran Burke

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