Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Burden Broken

Burden by Ciaran Burke
I carried the rock and held it close
It's mass increasing with each step
as the weight of its burden increased
I gathered it tightly on my chest

I could not let it go had no respite 
for fear that it would roll away
and that I would then give chase
as it obeyed gravity, me in its wake

I would see the rolling of the rock
inflicting hypothetical armageddon
smashing through the live of others
futures destroyed walls of fate demolished

With my back arching in struggle
doubled over losing my form
unrecognisable foetal position of pain
a child addicted to my comfort toy

I collapsed from exertion
the pain released my fingers 
my body recoiling in relief
the rock crashed and broke

Before me in fragments 
my burden split in fractions
small pieces insignificant 
each lying piece was meaningless

My troubles lay in public view
A stranger offered help
my friend picked up some pieces
and the rest we just threw away.

Ciaran Burke

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