Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Change Is Hard

Change is hard, a truth carved in stone
ordained by God and written with quill
on scrolls and parchments centuries old
commandments to follow and never ask

one gender the fairer but treated unfairly
spare rib creation from dirt and dust
original parents we descend from incest
love was never equal if it not prescribed.

Change is hard, when the current changes
new tide moves and the waves wash over
old sand times move and castles tumble
eroding the past life as houses fall to sea

old borders shift with timeless erosion
once clear lines of indifferent difference fade 
as the abstract of philosophical discussion 
becomes a tangible smudge of new reality .

Change is hard, when black and white
is only the easy option instead of the only
as the menu lengthens in shades of cream
Cappuccino, mocha and latte browns

meat and potatoes with two veg
gets messed up with chilli and rice
for intolerant tummies the menu of choice
a serving of change can be hard to swallow.

Change, it is hard 
but when we deny the future 
we wither in the present 
and we die in the past.

Ciaran Burke
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