Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Flirtation of light

Reflecting, the world is not as it seems.
Appearing static on the great flow,
images distorted, golden lines blurred,
wrinkled colours shiver in my eyes.

A vague impression of what really is
the shimmering surface
hiding darkness below,
in the cool depth another world lives.
Where our survival, impossible
while other life thrives in a cold realm.

For those moments,
illusory time that held me captive,
I fell in love with Narcissus’ trap,
the vision on the surface.

I knew it was a passing flirtation of light,
I was happy to believe,
to escape the up standing world
and accept the lie,
of the reversal of life
on a river that runs to the city and sea.

- Ciaran Burke
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