Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke


The ceiling stayed white until i turned on the light
spreading the grey star shadow into existence
pink butterfly lampshade, pendant around the bulb
the blurred decoration reaching down the wall.

 Antibiotic remedy flowing around my system
sick note protecting me from dismissal
painkiller killing pain delivering me to comfort
duvet my companion for the coming days.

Mind wandering to places hidden from everyday
fever abated by pharmaceutical assistance
contemplating my existence, my position in the world
strangely comforted by the slow passing of time.

Drinking water as instructed by professional consultation
time measured by medicinal intervals
I fell into a sickly comfort of solitary contentment 
rewarding my misfortune with chocolate Hagen Daz.

Coming to conclusion as I watched
another hour of streamed entertainment;
that my illness although discomforting
my life was not threatened
that I should indulge in the benefits
of my sickly hiatus.

- Ciaran Burke

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