Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Path Of The Soul

I walked along a grey surface
following in the footsteps
of many who had gone before
their souls bound to the
thoroughfare by their paces
that left no impression
nor did the grooves of their
footwear gather earth or peddle
unsoiled soles vanish without trace

The path laid out for utility
designed purpose for a place
was safe and firm, assured
leading to a single destination
the direction mattered not
the arrival was the terminus
the beginning at the end
walking with my head down
I casually followed the monotony

From beyond the mounded earth
covered with vegetation, bramble and
nettle growing from the soil
there were sounds of a fluid life
and in breaks there were trails
worn by past adventurers
exposing brown earth and mud
that tarnished the soles once clean
of those tempted to leave the official path

A trail was flanked by remnants of the previous
seasons growth and dormant decay where
new life was rising with celandine stars shining
unsteadily my feet found their place
as limbs outstretched to balance
in a clumsy choreography with air
I stood on a grassy bank where revealed
the barricaded beauty of a river of life
it's surface flickering diamonds of reflection.

- Ciaran Burke
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