Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Textured Existence

Clear and flat unblemished surface
cleaned and shining, returns the light
no bumps to shadow no hollows of dark
plain and pure reflecting perfect brigbright

In the shine we see the perfection 
the reflection of the others reversed
mimicking the movements copycat
the world trapped in flat dimension

A curve distorts our visceral perception 
stretching focus and rearranging 
distance greater standing back
creating portrait  impure grotesque 

A bump in the process, an imperfection
light splitting its secret the recipe revealed
refracted spectrum of colours unblended
rainbow in the wavelength variation

Deepened texture swallows illumination
partial absorption of the surroundings
in the grain and line of wear and tear
marks of experience, complexities of life

Gathering dirt in to each crevice hoarding
stains from encounters, clouded recollection 
the touch of others compounded 
wearing softening of the surface

With time and meeting, lines and smudges
we write the stories of very existence
shaped, evolved, changed by participation 
beauty of lives in texture and imperfection.

Ciaran Burke

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