Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

The Evening That I missed The Train

Parallel, lines run for ever
glinting the setting sun
tracks crossing destiny
humming with my anticipation

rises to my ears
the lines of metal sizzle
vibrations of my doom
my release
they resonate

by the cold wind
from the sea that urges me
the rails start to cheer
inviting me
to the end

Is this my greatest moment?
I feel the ultimate approach
euphoric realisation of the end
as torment nears conclusion

triumphant calls
finality becomes a roar
light floods blinding thought
to end the pain,
my dark escape

the wind stands still
the sea still in shock
my heart
still thumps
with panicked life

I froze, I still exist
commuters lives flashed by
red lights recede
into tunnelled distance.

Ciaran Burke
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