Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

The Look

The empty path leads on a cold walk
through the still green winter grass
to a solitary seated soul alone
the sole incumbent of the wooden bench

The occupant sits entranced
looking to the distance and no where
not waiting fo companion
just in the company of the aloneness
of the morning, unmoving
hypnotised by nothingness of peace

A proud fowl walks with his harem
formidable tail folded
pecking at the earth,
their search for sustenance
piercing sideway glances,
eerily accuse the occupier

Unsettling calm, a broken trance
heads move to meet, 
the lack of communication
interspecific misunderstanding

One moves, rising, to leave unoccupied space
the other unmoved, returns to the day.

- Ciaran Burke
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