Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Trapped Amber

Amber jewels trapped on the window
black broken by a street light
I destroy the vulnerable beauty
drawing my finger across the glass.

Slowly the tip becomes moist
now addicted, I continue to erase
the beauty of the light trapped
in condensed water, wanting black to return.

Clarity refuses to reward my effort
instead uneven edges persist
remnant lines of aqueous resistance
frustrating my efforts to deny.

Droplets persisting, confounding me,
lonely barking of neighborhood mutt
teasing taunting of my failure
so I stop to admire the desolation.

The dog has silenced, a mosaic
of moist stubbornness hangs to the pabe
surface tension increasing grip
crystals clinging, amber no more.

I desist, beaten by the condescension 
realizing that I am the source
my breath heavy with vapour
a monument to my day in bed.

- Ciaran Burke

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