Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke


Here are my videos, visual representations of my poetry.

Empty Room Video

The Black Wall – Video

Voyeur Of The Norm – Video

Beautiful Conundrum -video

Emergency Department – video

Recorded while waiting at Emergency Department at Naas hospital, Sunday 16th 2018. Doctors and nursing staff were great as they always are, but the system in which they have to work and endure is terrible. 

Waves – a poem

Ghosts – video

The Poor Souls

Paupers graveyard on Coolcots lane, near Wexford town. Poor people who could not afford to pay for a headstone would be buried in a separate graveyard, in unmarked graves. Even in death, not all are treated equally by their church and society. It seems that abandonment of the poor is a tradition we are successfully […]

Are We Shadows?

View From The Stage Door

Where Dissonant Beauty Resonates

The Unreturned

Autumnal Lane – Video

Solution – Video

Change Is Hard – video

Of Loss

You walked walked out the door out of our lives of life of this earth this existence no longer existing walked to the other side. Leaving the questions the questioners questioning themselves your reason their own reasons blame searching for a mind to live in. You left left no evidence nothing evident nothing left your […]

Life and Death -video

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