Keem Beach, Achill, Co. Mayo

The road rambles into the decline, One way to go, nowhere else to be. The fresh water hurries to meet the sand, to wash with it to the sea. Golden stretch in stone green embrace beneath a blanket of grey, Torn to reveal a flash of blue, and a golden promise behind the hill.

Silver Strand, Co. Mayo

Silver Strand 31st October 2017 A strand of silver at the edge of Samhain’s sky The scattering […]

Dooghmakeen Beach, Co. Mayo

Dooghmakeen Beach 31st October 2018 Concentric, lines in sand, pools between the tides, ancient sleeping stones. Ribbons and […]

Quilty, Co. Clare

Quilty 23rd August 2017 Below the cliff, strata of the old world rises through the sand. Life hangs […]

Seafield, Quilty, Co. Clare

Seafield, Co. Clare 23rd August 2017 Bovine curiosity, silent watchers, chewing on the dunes. Flags slap, safety assured, […]