Dog’s Bay 20th February 2017   The horse shoe of white calms the wild waters in a sandy embrace. Yet untamed winds from the ocean’s heart stir the grains in a cold vernal dance. Alone in the wind we swirled, feet dancing on seaweed designs. Ciaran Burke  

Dog’s Bay, Connemara, Co. Galway

Coral Beach, Mannin’s Bay 20th February 2017   Blanket of cold coral white from the Sea God’s palace on the deep ocean floor. Bands of gold, torn from the ocean crown, red filaments from his seaweed cloak, and shells from his marine throne. The water salutes him, illuminated with light, […]

Coral Beach, Mannin’s Bay, Connemara, Galway

Fanore Beach 29th April 2017 Across the dunes dotted with gentian blue, to where the shades of grey sky lie fallen on the mirror of retreated tide. Beyond the washed-bronze sands scribed with black calligraphy the Atlantic waves drone. And a foot carves the sand, a journey to the soul, […]

Fanore Beach, Co. Clare

Laytown 15 th August 2017 A wide open sand, the retreated sea far away, languishing seaweeds clinging for life on rippled hills of grey sands. Walking from the seashells’ mass grave mounds, through puddles of hostaged sea, I found signs of life on the desert of lonely shores. Ciaran Burke […]

Laytown, Co. Meath

Ballyvoney Cove   Seaweed creatures abandoned on the sea-worn shore, sepia ribbons tangle  on the shingle bed. The brown vertebrae  of algae monsters waiting for their ocean mother to bring them home. Where green maps on the grey stone by copper streaked caves, the sanguine filaments of life  await the […]

Ballyvoney Cove, Co. Waterford

Tower Bay Cove 15th August 2017 A precarious downward climb led me to a secluded cove, embraced by the rugged arms of ancient layered rock. The home-coming sea gently washed the sand, brininging gifts of shells and coloured seaweeds to bathe in the sun. Ciaran Burke

Tower Bay Cove, Portrane, Co. Dublin

Rosslare Strand 2nd April 2017 Under the heavens’ azure floor, a chalice of copper lies, where a golden star fell from the sea, stranded on grains of time. Washed by the cold sun, wrapped in a shroud of wind, Sea Star, where will you rest in peace? Ciaran Burke

Rosslare Strand, Co. Wexford 2

Magheramore Beach 27th August 2017 Fathers carry the burdens, passing farmyard and fields. As their children race to the golden crescent of sand, turning to silver under shallow tide, beneath the dying hours of late summer sun. Rocks clothed in verdant living fur, will soon be alone again, as the […]

Magheramore Beach, Co. Wicklow

Rosslare Strand 2nd January 2016 A stormy start to the New Year brought a fresh and energetic atmosphere with the wind. Between the clouds a hopeful sun illuminated seaweed, shells and sea-tossed stones. Ciaran Burke  

Rosslare Strand, Co. Wexford