Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Emotions While Waiting For A Medical Consultant Who Is Late For The Appointment

Sitting in the plain upholstered seat
watching as the digits change
one by one the numbers increase
my patience decreasing exponentially
as the appointment for the meeting
drifts further floating into history.

I am tempted to break away from
the consultation with my fate
to leave the room of waiting
to ignore the pain in my interior
resolving to express my annoyance
while projecting a calm exterior.

Five minutes more I create a new deadline
formulated with logic from my anger
fuelled by my discomfort of being in
the situation with fake reception smile
the mellow music and lifestyle guides
famous love lives living in exclusive photos.

Another deadline passes a renewed
point of no return, plans to vent against
my mistreatment and flash my anger
melt away as my name is called
sorry for the wait…
Oh, it’s ok!

Ciaran Burke

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