Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Puzzle Piece

Post solstice sunlight low in my eyes
combustion propulsion battering air
turbulence the resistance breaking
going south in the freezing sunrise.

The quietest morning of good will wishes
almost alone of the motorway to reunion
passing others on the familial pilgrimage
dead air radio of my mind broadcasts.

Seasonal hits drone in the background
ghosts of the season past and presence
present fragmented gifts of memories
puzzles unsolved Lego pieces lost forever.

Unfinished jigsaw of incomplete recollection
the edges that  frame a broken picture
details just holes left by missing parts
awkward curled edges squeezed to misfit.

The fog from the valleys filters the sun
I accept the present of family extended 
remembering a lost piece of the puzzles
I put it back in the box to remain unsolved.

Ciaran Burke
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