Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Selfish Act

This selfish act is not for me
but for the ones that I leave
I know they will question 
seeking logic from chaotic life
but the time has come to 
end the life of non existence
to bury the lost soul deep.

Let fire turn to ash the corpse
cremation to destroy remains
ensuring that the corporeal
version of a miserable life
cannot rise from the vault
to return a zombie rampage
devouring flesh consuming
souls for the momentary
gratification of the dead inside 
dressed in the clothes
of the attractive and false.

To succeed where others failed
attempting surgical removal of the infected tissues that could not cure
diseased organs 
lobotomised brain
remove pain
stop the insanity 
the hurt
cannot stop the rot
the final solution 
the taboo
to take the action of self
to end the ending 
to cut 
to strangle 
a suicide if you will
to rebirth and live 

Ciaran Burke
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