Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Sinking Ship

The calmness of the surface
hides turbulent crashes and falls
high tidal wave of drunk emotions
quiet destructive storm of actions
we the vessel tossed on the deep sea
between lost destinations of your life.

Long sodden conversations
repetitions of disappointment
the hope of feeling special
momentary illuminations of love
left us lost and searching for light
stuck on board your sinking ship.

Lighthouse flashes of hope
grim outline of distant shore
a fleeting silhouette of safety
promise of dry dock awaiting
prediction of a weather change
is but a break in the dark cloud.

Abandonment to the manipulation
of guilt that betrayed the trust
the crash course set no navigation
we had to choose between loyalty
to your captaincy of chaos or clear
the deck, so overboard we jumped.

Ciaran Burke

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