Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Spare Change

Sitting at the round table, two thousand and twelve
With a view of the gardens and a sunny morning
Southside company they’re smelling the roses
recommending good food, restaurants in Ranelagh.

Searching for the recession that can’t be found
no parking spaces near Gaviston’s or Avoca
media and bleeding heart stories, hungry children
the parents at fault too lazy to give them breakfast.

Two thousand and twenty, the proles have voted
deafened into action by talk of recovery
waiting for trickle down to wash away austerity
waiting for the appointment while boiling dirty water.

Overheating in traffic to pay rent that can’t be frozen 
waiting for houses as office blocks get higher
waiting as the trickle becomes a Chinese torture
of drip feed lies, over runs and fiscal constriction.

The Times are shocked by shouts of ‘up the Ra’
not a call to arms but defiance and a middle finger
pointing at those who can’t find the recession
sleeping comfortably in their beds of elitist recovery.

Ciaran Burke

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