Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Ash to Ash

I am wilderness 
in the comfort of suburban denial
my solitary struggle
to grow outside the comfort fence
wind carried seed
given life on barren roadside land
my siblings killed
torn from gardens of tidy conformity
their seedling growth
stomped trampled and destroyed
their vigour feared
unwanted gifts of nature spurned.

I grew unnoticed
spindly existence posed no threat
fed by the light
earth and air gave me strength
rooting for stability
precarious corner of existence
spreading branches
welcomed wild friends a community
visitors on the wind
we fed on each other consuming
stories wind dances
songs for wings and freedom.

I did not yield
unbowed by normality invasion
unbroken by
the unchanging winds of monotony
stubborn survival
overshadowing dull beautification
nature denial
by tidy lawn mowing minds
my roots deep
freedom made them strong
rocked by storms
limbs bend rejoicing their energy.

I will not fall
because here I belong.

- Ciaran Burke
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