Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Autumnal Lane

Metallic light of cloudy grey
cracked open the quiet lane
uninhibited hedgerows encroach
narrow black road of soft edges
bejewelled with the last night's rain
arching brambles tempt the sentient 
with dark voluptuous promises
each black fruit a conglomerate
of unforbidden globes of juice
the gifts unpicked in the country lane.

From the sky the peace is broken
bird song calls in the drone of
Ryan Air passage of noise pollution
softened by distance and cloud
the evidence of late night wild life
seen in their empty vessel deposits 
where the nocturnal fledglings meet
to imbibe the nectars fermented 
autumn gatherings learning to fly
adult life clandestinely drunk from a can.

Ciaran Burke
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