Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

My Arm

My arm wraps over a life
lifted with the deep inhalation
quiet nasal rhythm drawing air
expelling carbon unwanted
I embrace the rising and falling 
as the diaphragm involuntary 
moves to the irregular rhythm of
living breaths expelled in sleep.

My arm holds on to a dear life
the warmth of living and breathing
alive and kicking in dreaming
spasmodic toe tapping my knee
and I breath in her naked scent 
her unbound hair tickles my nose 
I pull closer my tumescent longing 
the physical expression of desire.

My arm embraces her life
each night I sleep a bit closer
having listened to stories shared
snippets of her past related 
tales of adventure,pain and laughter
photographic fragments reveal
moments with others whom are
invested with shares in her love.

My arm now lies under her love
we turned to sleepily rearrange 
in nocturnal unconscious dance
a dream trembles her torso 
murmur of subconscious release
sleep falling into our new rhythm 
I fall in to slumber and into her
until my arm reawakens dead again.

Ciaran Burke 
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