Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Good Help

Say sorry...
move on as you do when brushing shoulders
with an accidental street stranger.

Protect the flock 
do not scapegoat the shepherds crying
holy wolf 
do not demand they part with the earthly
rich and riches
they were not the tail wagging a governmental 
sleeping dog
let the sleeping dog LIE.

they were the wolf dressed as grandma
in black robes
the wolves in shepherds clothing woven
in clerical cloth
that ate the mother and dumped her child
in a septic tank
they were the beast who cast it's shadow
over the society
a darkness that cultivated shame.

Be cruel 
to your neighbour and ask for 
do not forgive, judge not their judgement.

Just complicit... 
no defence that the orders were just obeying  orders
the beggars faking blindness counting the profit
private hospital on foundations of adopted 
accept their apology but compensation 
do not ask 
afraid to confess due to fear that monetary redress 
will fall at their address.

Everyone says they're sorry but no one takes the blame
responsibility buried in an unnamed grave with truth
and dead babies.
Ciaran Burke
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