Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Path of Reflection Cracked

No way through the obstacle
my path lost living in my mind
a black flood of unknown depth
misleading truths sequestered
beneath a rippling grey reflection
dressed in the illusion of reversal.

Afraid to break the image
wary of the consequence
fear that my steps forward
would drown me in unknown
not knowing what lay hidden
in watery barrier of seclusion.

Watching the falling leaves
tumble through sodden air
willing victims submit to gravity
listening to the noisy tumults
of the river obese from rain
foamed brown churning chaos .

The mirror was momentarily broken
by wind that showered golden leaves
in the fleeting crack reality revealed
black asphalt beneath the shallow water
emboldened by waves of my making
I stepped forward to walk a new path.

Ciaran Burke
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