Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke


Mechanical movement, spinning velocity
I am earthed to asphalt bypass heaven
as sub-cranial wheels transport me
revolutions bring me to a destination

Not final, a welcome break in momentum
temporary locus to exchange and change
reconnect and connect in verbal swaps
information flowing on aural highways

Histories revisited, futures unplanned
love stories broken by the unbroken
fantasies explored, intimate low volume
while searching souls look for their homes

Shared experience, cinematic story telling
music of memories re-ignite smouldered
remains of youthful innocence unburnt
by the fires of love, loss, and lost dreams

Beyond the voices and sounds, comfort
binds in threads of growing familiarity
as emotions express in rhythmic caress
sinking into unspoken wordless rapture.

Ciaran Burke
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