Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke


She is mixed race, I was told
and I looked at her photo in wonder
her beautiful complexion
soft features framing a hypnotic smile

But her beauty aside, what made 
me mesmerise was figuring the other half
Two races in one face, two species
hybridised to take human form

If this beauty is one half sapiens
what act of procreation led to this
beautiful creation? A parent had mated
willingly with another species.

Was it a lonely male succumbed
to horrible lonesome frustration
and saw temptation in the eye of a beast?
How could it be conceived?

Perhaps in her genes she hides a tail
like a mythical Grecian creation
or is she a laboratory production
a Frankenstein of genetic experimentation

We are one race with many faces
shades of skin dark and light
ethnic diversity, geographic locations
on species under gods, Homo sapiens.

-Ciaran Burke

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