Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

What’s up?

I am doing good
the last words that I read
your final text
nothing more to add
I replied later
then I waited for more
two ticks of grey
checking to see them change
No response
I messaged once more
one tick grey
unchanging waiting in the dark
in daylight
the single grey remained

I rationalized
theft of your device
flushed down the toilet
screen cracked
in for repair
Then I imagined tragedies
illness had struck
car was crashed
knocked down
heart attack
or worse,

Two days passed
grey ticks turned to blue
I hoped and checked
pondered texting
should I let it be
Or maybe call
the tone rang out
I tried again
the silence continued
Now I have the memory
the smile
your tears
and the question
Are you okay?

Ciaran Burke
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