Photography, Poetry and Art Projects by Ciaran Burke

Abducted by desire

The engine still running
its rhythm and hum out of 
tune with the random
percussion of precipitation on
the metal roof and
the tuneless screech of
worn out wipers.

Illuminated for a moment
in brake light red
the taxi fare destination
of the early hour
reveller returning alone
unsteady closing stoop
of car door slammed with drunken
vigour loud farewell

The heavy breathing clung to
a cold interior clouding
against glass to obscure from
the sleeping suburb
keeping secret the quiet meeting
of first touch reaction
as longing builds in blood flow
and breath is held
as a hostage as are thoughts
ransoms to be paid
in transactions with out words
feelings the currency
desire the abductor as reason
dies with a kiss.
- Ciaran Burke

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